Meet the Farmers: Kiersten, Kayla, Josh, Cory, Brandy and Dalton (from left).


    This is one of an occasional series of articles that draws attention to ordinary Cherokee County residents and their extraordinary lives.

    Murphy – Cory Farmer was born in Murphy but started school at Hiwassee Dam Elementary. He eventually moved east in Cherokee County for classes.
    “I really like going to Murphy because you know everybody,” Farmer said.
    “I play football, wrestle, and do track and field. Football won state this year, and it’s the first year I’ve gone to state in football. I’ve gone to regionals in wrestling, but this was the first year I made it to state. I competed and placed second overall for the entire state.”
    Farmer also has participated in track and field regionals in discus. This year, he is going to try running hurdles.
    “Overall, I would have to say wrestling is my favorite sport. I like the sport because it’s one on one. If you lose, it’s on you and nobody else,” he said.
    After high school, the outdoorsman Farmer plans on going to college to become a game warden.
    “In my spare time, I like to go hunting, fishing and frogging with my friends on the weekends. I go with Colton Posey, Kendall Keating, Isaac Stafford, Trae Carson and Colby Hensley,” he
    Farmer is part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Murphy High School as well as Alpha.
    “Alpha is the youth group that meets on Sunday nights at First United Methodist Church in town. It’s such a close-knit group, and we all are such good friends. It’s a great program that helps lead young teenagers into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ,” he said.
    Farmer’s parents are Josh and Brandy Farmer. He has two sisters, Kayla and Kiersten, and a little brother named Dalton.
    “I’ve got a super-cool Nana named Sandy Farmer,” he added with a smile.
    The most interesting thing that has ever happened to Farmer was when he got saved.
    “I was in second grade in Hiwassee Dam’s lunchroom. There’s a club they had for younger kids after school called 4H Club, which is like FCA but for younger kids. I got saved one afternoon there, and I’ll never forget it,” he said.
    “Another interesting thing that happened to me was when I went to Colorado on a hunting trip. A mule-deer charged me and kept running at me, so I had to run up a tree.”
    When asked what he wanted to be known for throughout his life, Farmer said, “I want to be known for being a friendly person that people feel like they can have a conversation with. I
always just try to be nice to everybody, and say good morning to someone I don’t know.”
    Farmer believes his grandfather, Mark “Papa” Farmer, shaped him into who he is today.
    “He has always pushed me in the right direction, and he just wanted me to be good at what I wanted to do, and not what other people wanted me to do,” he said.
    “Papa” always told Farmer a piece of advice he said he will never forget: “If you’re gonna take the time to do something, you may as well do it good.”
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