• Murphy's Joey Curry looks for running room against Mitchell on Friday night. Photo by BEN KATZ
    Murphy's Joey Curry looks for running room against Mitchell on Friday night. Photo by BEN KATZ
  • Michael Curry led the 2012 Bulldogs to the state title game against Plymouth.
    Michael Curry led the 2012 Bulldogs to the state title game against Plymouth.

Curry follows brother's path to title game

    Murphy – Talk about a great movie script.
    Michael Curry was a sophomore quarterback for the Murphy Bulldogs the first time they played the Plymouth Vikings for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association 1A State Championship in 2012.
    “It’s definitely the experience of a lifetime,” Michael said in a phone interview Monday. “I remember it like it was yesterday. There’s definitely nothing like it. I remember my last drive, I remember the last play I made. It was definitely a special moment and something I’ll never forget.”    
    On Saturday, his younger brother Joey Curry will line up under center as a junior for the Bulldogs, as once again Plymouth stands between Murphy and a state title.
    “I remember watching him play in the state game and I remember saying, ‘When I get up there (to Murphy High School), I want to play for a state title,’” Joey said. “Of course last year, I wanted to go to state, because my brother went as a sophomore. It didn’t happen, but we’re there this year.”
    Michael left his football career behind after his sophomore year, to focus on his burgeoning baseball career. The transition included a move to Gainesville, Ga.
    The decision to part ways with the gridiron proved to be a smart move, as Michael now suits up for a different breed of Bulldogs at the University of Georgia.
    During his freshman year in Athens, Michael earned All-SEC recognition, was named to the Freshman All-American team and led the Bulldogs in home runs. Michael attributes the success to focus and praised his brother for his efforts.
    “Joey is so special,” Michael said. “He can go pick up a bat right now and hit like normal. If I went a month or so without hitting like he does, it would not be pretty. He’s so laid-back and doesn’t over-think things. That’s what makes him such a great athlete. He loves football. That’s where his drive is.”
    The Curry brothers still maintain a friendly sibling rivalry when it comes to who is the best quarterback in the family. Joey has the chance to stand out Saturday.
    “I always thought, ‘Hey, you (Michael) got there. Let me get there and win,’” Joey said. “He played a great game, but he came short. As long as we’re healthy and we can get there, I think we can get the job done.”
    “First and foremost, I’m so proud of him,” Michael said. “I admire the way he carries himself. I always tell people that I’m a lucky older brother. I always brag about him here in the locker room at Georgia. I’m excited for him.”
    The elder of the Curry siblings realizes that Joey has yet to throw an interception in 2016, but does not want him to lose his focus against the Vikings.
    Instead, he insists that Joey enjoy his time in Chapel Hill and lead the team to victory.
    “I told him not to worry about that. His number one job is to win,” Michael said. “But as his older brother, I still want him to take it all in. Cherish the moment. Live in the moment. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll never forget walking off that field my sophomore year and just taking a good look around. I’ll never forget that moment.”
    “It’d be nice to go the whole season without throwing a pick, but heck, if I have to throw three picks to win this game, I’ll do it. That’s fine with me,” Joey said.

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