• Ray Noland addresses the gathered at Broken Shells Ministries for their September 11th Evening of Prayer for Country and Community. Photo by BEN KATZ

The September 13 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Locals pray for the country on 9/11, Wanted felon sought, mayoral election set and more

   On a somber day in U.S. history, local citizens came together Monday night to pray for our nation.
   Broken Shells Ministry downtown hosted the Sept. 11 Evening of Prayer for Country and Community, which became a beautiful night of music and fellowship on a day of remembrance for all Americans.
   Dan Miller, who served many tours in the Marine Corps, was the final speaker of the evening, which did not focus directly on the terrible events of Sept. 11, 2001, but instead used that as a backdrop to pray for our future.
   Miller remembered three Marines who died when he was serving in Afghanistan, and he recalled gaining strength from the song “Praise You in the Storm” as performed by Effigy. He also spoke of the tragedy of military veterans who commit suicide after coming home from service.
   “While we’ve been sitting here, a veteran has taken his own life,” Miller said. “We have more veterans now than at any time in history. We have been at war since that day 16 years ago.”
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   Other headlines in the Cherokee Scout this week:
   * Authorities search for wanted felon with sex abuse warrant
   * Democratic candidate for mayor will watch tax dollars closely
   * Man seeks arsonist, offers $5,000 reward

   In a web exclusive, Republican Rick Ramsey wins the primary for his party’s nomination in the mayoral race in Murphy.

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