• Before learning the routine for London’s New Year’s Day Parade, Cami McClure of Murphy got to tour the famous sites in the city, including the London Eye.
    Before learning the routine for London’s New Year’s Day Parade, Cami McClure of Murphy got to tour the famous sites in the city, including the London Eye.

SCOUTING AROUND: Bulldog cheerleader takes 'awesome' trip to London

    Murphy’s All-American cheerleader, Cami McClure, got to spend New Year’s Day dancing to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” on the streets of London.
    “It was awesome,” she said. “It really was an awesome experience.”
    McClure, a junior and varsity cheerleader at Murphy High School, earned the spot as an All-American during the Universal Cheerleaders Association Summer Camp at Clemson. Last summer was her second year at the camp, which holds tryouts for All-American at the end of the week.
    Those who earn the title of All-American are invited to perform in London’s New Year’s Day Parade.
    “I was really excited,” McClure said.
    The cheerleaders get to spend a week in London, with the first few days available for touring. McClure’s favorite part of the trip was the first day, when she got to see Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married. The last few days are spent learning the dance routine, which they perform 6-8 times on the parade route.
    Each cheerleader must pay for the cost of the week-long trip, which was about $4,000. McClure said her grandmother, Cynthia Dickey, helped her by talking with everyone she could about the honor and raising money through her everyday conversations.
    “My grandmother was amazing,” she said. “The best source of help to get me to go to London.”
    McClure went on the trip alone, but got to spend time with two cheerleaders from Hayesville who also were on the tour. She roomed with another girl who went alone and was provided an escort for touring.
    “I was really nervous because it was my first time out of the country,” she said. Her mother, Angela McClure, set her up with an international calling plan so she could call home every day.
    It was her first time out of the country, and only her third and fourth time on a plane. McClure noticed a lot of minor differences between England and America, and thought it was incredible to see the variety of cultures in London. One thing she missed – a lot – was sweet tea.
    She brought home lots of souvenirs for herself and friends, plus got a miniature Windsor Castle for her grandmother.
    “This whole experience wouldn’t have happened without my grandmother, my friends and my coach,” McClure said.

Andrews church leader moving into a new role
    After almost three years at the Andrews United Methodist Church, Rebecca Richards Guzman started the new year with the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. Richards Guzman was the director of youth and facilities in Andrews, where she received a standing ovation from the congregation on Dec. 23.
    “Rebecca provided consistent leadership for our elementary, middle, and high school ministries as well as managing the use of our facilities by and for the community,” the Rev. Mary Brown said.
    Rose James and her family enjoyed the events Richards Guzman organized for the church.
    “She did a really great job,” James said. “We will miss her very much.”
    Richards Guzman joined the New England Conference as the administrative assistant for the Central Massachusetts District on Dec. 28.
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