Ben Katz/ Chase Newton hope “to make our campus look better” though participating in Murphy High School’s Campus Beautification Club.

Coalition plans area anti-litter competition

    The N.C. Litter-free Coalition is encouraging all Cherokee County elementary, middle and high schools to submit information about their efforts to teach their students about the negative effects of highway and community litter.
    This 2017 competition is to recognize first-, second- and third-place bragging rights (no prizes) for our elementary, middle and high schools. Each school wishing to be part of this competition is required to mail and email their submission to the N.C. Litter-free Coalition.
    We would like each school to provide the following information with their sub-
    • Who in your school is involved in your anti-littering efforts – names of students and teachers?
    • What is your school doing to convince your students that those that litter have a negative effect on the image and economy of Cherokee County?
    • Who do your students think benefit from their efforts?
    • Who are your students and teachers inviting to join them in their effort, including other schools?
    • Schools are encouraged to include photos with their submission, as a picture is worth 1,000 words.
    All submissions for this contest are to be received by Friday, June 30.
    The N.C. Litter-free Coalition wishes to thank all of the Cherokee County schools that have invited us to speak directly with their students, and we wish to encourage other schools to reach out to us.
    Email comments and questions to Gary Chamberlain at; write to Road Warrior, P.O. Box 98 Murphy, NC 28906; Facebook at “N.C. Litter-free Coalition” and “America the Beautiful and BagReadyJobs;” or call him at 928-202-1186.