Betty Logan

    Betty Beal Logan died on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, at her home in Laurel Park, N.C.
    Betty was born Feb. 11, 1932, and grew up in Murphy. She was the daughter of Charlie and Hazel Beal.
    Like many depression-era children, she was strong, resourceful and fearless. In addition, she also was wise and kind. Regardless of circumstances, Betty invariably chose to be happy. Even in her last, most difficult days, the smile never left her face.
    As a student at Murphy High School, Betty was near the top of her class, started on the basketball team all four years, and was selected homecoming queen. Later in West Asheville, she was the quintessential ’60s mom, teaching Sunday School (Calvary Baptist), president of the PTA (Vance) and shepherding her three children to a myriad of activities. She proudly worked for the Southern Highland Handicraft Guild for many years developing a love of Southern Appalachian arts and crafts. Later she owned Haywood Park Business Services in downtown Asheville.
    During her 85 years, she dabbled in classical guitar, running, weaving and more. She settled on painting, where she spent many hours with her watercolors.
    Betty leaves her husband of 24 years, Edward Logan; and three children: Vicki Ponce (Charlotte), Bill Taylor (Candler) and Susie Colston (Forest Virginia). She also leaves nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Betty’s siblings include Arthur Beal (Tallahassee), Ollie Beal, (deceased), Doug Beal (deceased), Margaret Scaglione (Murphy), Lawrence Beal (Hayesville) and Frankie Roberson (Murphy).