• Cherry chocolate cheesecake was among the delicious delicacies baked by local residents.
    Cherry chocolate cheesecake was among the delicious delicacies baked by local residents.

Tasty desserts come to Unaka

    Unaka – A side effect of the availability of technology is sometimes people forget how wonderful tactile life can be, even how delicious food can be
    With that lack of experience in the kitchen, folks tend to marvel at how good grandma’s recipes are. During the Taste of Unaka on Aug. 25 in the community center, people got to answer an even more delicious question: How does it feel to eat all of grandma’s dessert recipes at once?
    Desserts included a banana walnut cake, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, apple cake, Neapolitan, chocolate cake, cherry topped chocolate cheesecake, fruit pudding, bottle cake, two different coconut cakes and a peanut butter pie.
    Winning the Golden Spoon for Cakes award was Della Johnson’s rose coconut cake. It’s creamy icing bounced off of the spongy cake even while chewing
    The banana walnut cake went so well with the coffee served that it won the Silver Spoon for Cakes award for Joyce Pastori. Runners up included an apple cake rich in flavors with nuts, cinnamon and perhaps cloves.
    The icing to top the apple cake dried into a creamy blanket on the top of the cake. The bottle, a pound-cake creation, found a friend in the banana walnut cake through their shared desire to be dunked into a mug of coffee.
    Perhaps most impressive though was the gravity-defying chocolate cake. The icing must have been as thick as the cake – creamy, buttery, dense and delicious. For as thick and heavy as the icing may have been, the cake was every part its polar opposite – light and fluffy, like biting into a cloud.
    Susan Mason’s Neapolitan won the Golden Spoon for Other Desserts. Taking a bite of this treat was like an ode to the beauty of layers written in creamy ink.
    Mason bested the top overall cookie, a molasses recipe from Donna Castle. With a soft composure, the smooth yet lingering molasses stood up in a taster’s mouth better than the perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookies and a brownie that was soft, moist and chocolatey with a hint of peanut butter.
    The fruit pudding featured a mixture of marshmallows, yogurt and fruit that made for a smooth treat not as sugary as others.
    The cherry chocolate cheesecake easily could have gone into the same category as the pies. It was delicious with a tangy twist.
    However, it was a peanut butter pie topped the pie chart. Some considered the crust to be grandma’s original recipe, with animal fat for butter. Others felt a little more divinely about each bite, likening them to the day after rapture as the flakes of pie crust melted into smooth peanut-buttery bliss.

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