Cherokee Scout earns three honors

    Murphy – The Cherokee Scout, Cherokee County’s local news and information source since 1889, has won three awards so far in Community Newspapers Inc.’s annual Better Newspapers Contest.
    The winners in five of the seven categories were announced this week. The top prizes, Best of CNI and President’s Award, will be announced during the fall publisher’s meeting in September.
    “It’s truly an honor to publish this newspaper,” Scout Publisher David Brown said. “We have a great staff that genuinely cares about the community, which is why we have done so well in contests over the years, and loyal readers who inspire us to do our best.”
    The Scout earned honors in the following categories:
    * Best Community Service, winner. From the entry: “Cherokee County is a beautiful place often referred to by local residents as ‘God’s country.’ However, there has been a blight in the landscape in the form of litter, garbage and trash on our roadsides and rivers. The Scout wanted to be proactive on this issue. Throughout the year, we worked closely with the N.C. Litter-free Coalition to help educate residents and make them more aware of the ongoing problem. … More importantly, the area is cleaner and more appealing today, helping the local economy.”
    Gary Chamberlain of the Litter-free Coalition added, “The Cherokee Scout has been directly responsible for publishing 38 stories in 2016, 65 in 2017 and 15 as of March 1, 2018. We feel appreciated for our anti-litter efforts through their writings.”
    * Best Front Page, runner up. Judges Mark Johnson and Kristen Smith said, “The Cherokee Scout is a traditional-looking newspaper, but that is a compliment. The front-page issues we examined looked very professional. There is excellent rhythm on both front pages; photos and headlines lead the viewer’s eye around the page in an interesting way. … The front page covers a nice mix of news and features, and the writing is stronger than some newspapers. Excellent content and graphics.”
    * Best local news coverage, runner up. Judge Richard Griffiths said, “This newspaper was impressive in its breadth and depth of local stories. The writing was thorough and clear, with a strong lead and headline. The front-page feature was superbly written, with a gorgeous photo. A localized national story was well crafted. … Inside, there were numerous, short, upbeat community news stories.”

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