Miss Boiling Springs, Miss Frog Pond, Miss Blairsville and Miss Trina dance for revelers at the end of the Miss Brasstown Beauty Pageant on Sunday night. Photo by BEN KATZ

The January 3 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Possum Drop comes to an end, Fire claims Wolf Creek home and more

    Brasstown – The life of the common opossum can end so quickly, and those who traverse mountain roads – especially this time of year – can see evidence of such all too often on the sides of our roadways.
   So, too, did the world-famous Possum Drop come to its end Sunday night, as founder and organizer Clay Logan shockingly announced the 24th incarnation of the event would be the last.
   “I’ve been thinking about everything with the store closing and whatnot,” Logan said. “It’s a hard job to do, and it’s time to move on.”
   Logan was not thinking that way as recently as Christmas, when he was looking forward to keeping the event going beyond this year – starting with what would have been the 25th anniversary of the event at the end of 2018. The Possum Drop was mentioned just a week ago by USA Today as one of the top five unique New Year’s events in the country.
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