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Young 'road warrior' joins anti-litter effort

    The N.C. Litter-Free Coalition welcomes Natasha Raper to our anti-litter effort as our youngest “road warrior.”
    Natasha has been helping Frankie Beal fold the N.C. Litter-Free Coalition fliers at Penland Senior Center in Murphy. where her great-grandmother, Betty Totherow, works.
    You have to ask the question, “Why is this young girl helping with this effort?”
    As the expression goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Since her parents have agriculture products and livestock, she has been taught the lessons farmers have taught their children to protect their farm investments.
    When I asked Natasha’s mother, Lauren Raper, if she would be given permission to tell Natasha’s story to the Cherokee Scout and the N.C. Litter-Free Coalition, and she said she and her husband, Adam Raper, would be proud to let their daughter share her story.
    Here is what Natasha Raper wrote about her reasons for becoming a N.C. Litter-Free Coalition “road warrior.”
    “It is important to pick up trash on the side of the road to make it look good. My dad rolls trash up in hay rolls and cows will eat it.”
    As a former farm kid, I added something my father taught me, “This trash and other foreign objects aren’t good for our livestock.”
    Natasha obviously has great role models in her life, and they include her mother, father (Adam and Lauren Raper), great-grandfather and mother (Henry and Barbara Raper), grandmother (Betty Totherow) and grandmother (Michelle Crawford).
    Natasha is 7 years old, lives in Murphy and will be in the second grade at Ranger School.
    Please contact the N.C. Litter-Free Coalition if you wish to put your words and actions to use. Free orange litter bags are available at the Cherokee Scout.
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and the N.C. Litter-Free Coalition is pleased to have our youngest “road warrior,” Natasha Raper, helping to restore the true beauty to “America the Beautiful.”
    It should be noted that all of the folks on our N.C. Litter-Free Coalition fliers provide the words and actions to make a difference. Ricks Rental, Waffle King, Dr. Dan Eichenbaum and Valley River Brewery are responsible for sponsoring 4500 anti-litter fliers.
    Email comments and questions to Gary Chamberlain at folksvilleUSA@gmail.com; call him at 928-202-1186; or visit its page on Facebook.

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