Residents warned against Tennessee trash dumping

    Farner, Tenn. – Cherokee County residents are being warned that if they dump garbage at a Polk County convenience center they will be fined $500.
    Polk County commissioners are determined to stop illegal dumping at the county’s convenience centers and are promising no mercy for violators.
    Commission Chairman Greg Brooks said beginning immediately, the license tags of all cars entering the convenience center sites will be photographed. Tag numbers that are not registered in Polk County will be turned over to Sheriff Steve Ross, whose office will issue tickets and mail them to the vehicle’s registered owner.
    Brooks said the fine for illegal dumping, or attempting to dump, will be $500. Just entering the site by someone not from Polk County is against the law governing the convenience centers, Brooks said.
    His comments came during a meeting of the county commission’s Sanitation Committee on July 2 in Benton. Brooks said there is a problem with individuals dumping garbage and tires at Polk County’s convenience centers.
    “We’re not the world’s dumping ground,” he said.
    County Executive Robby Hatcher agreed, saying extra policing is necessary, especially at the Farner site. The attendant there has reported numerous incidents of North Carolina residents backing up to the open top container, dumping garbage and leaving before she can question their residence.
    When a ticket is not paid or a violator fails to report to court on the date shown on the ticket, a bench warrant will be issued and the accused will be subject to arrest, officials said.

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