Benefit for burglarized children’s boutique set for Nov. 11

   Marble – Mount Zion Baptist Church and the Andrews Lions Club have teamed up to host a benefit for Marble Springs Baptist Church’s Children’s Boutique.
   The benefit will take place at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at the Marble Community Center.
   Organized by Mount Zion Sunday school teacher Brenda McGaha, the funds raised through the benefit will go toward re-stocking the Children’s Boutique. From school supplies to personal hygiene products, the 8-year-old boutique provides free necessities to more than 100 children in the area.
   Around five weeks ago, the boutique experienced a robbery, losing almost everything in the building. Prom dresses, deodorant, jewelry, pencils, backpacks, shoes and Bibles were among the many items stolen.
   “It’s heartbreaking because a lot of these children don’t live in good places,” McGaha said. “We had 60 throws for the winter, and they stole all of those.”
   Children’s Boutique coordinator Mary May said the irritating part about the break-in is that she would have given the suspects anything they needed if they had only asked.
   Children from preschoolers to seniors in high school, visit the boutique every Wednesday after school to not only attend youth group, but collect the necessities they need and receive a free meal.
   The Wednesday after the break-in, May said she sat out in front of the building to bring the bad news to the kids.
   “I had to tell the truth,” she said. “If you had seen those little faces and the tears, you wouldn’t have been able to stand it. They said, ‘Ms. Mary, we’ll bring something next week for our boutique.’
   “These are kids who have nothing to bring. Some kids brought back things they had gotten before from the boutique.”
   May said the dozens of kids who visit the boutique for fellowship and supplies consider the place a safe haven. The children, some of which who didn’t have enough money for soap, can now attend prom and wear the same clothes as schoolmates, thanks to the boutique.
   May said she will always remember the time when a 5-year-old girl received her first personal toothbrush from the boutique.
   “The little girl was so happy to get her toothbrush,” May said. “She said, ‘Thank you, dear Jesus, that I don’t have to use the same toothbrush as my family.’
   “It broke my heart. I will never forget that moment.”
   The benefit on Saturday, Nov. 11, will also raise money for equipping the boutique with better security, and a smaller portion will go towards completing Mount Zion’s Sunday school room.
   For admission, people are asked to please donate at least one non-perishable food item. The fundraising event will include a raffle, auction, bake sale, children’s face-painting and dinner.
   “God has been so good and blessed the boutique,” May said. “I could never complain about the community, and the people that have been so generous to donate.”