The Spring Festival in Murphy was a huge success for locals and business owners alike. Photo by BEN KATZ

The May 9 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Spring Festival takes town by storm, DSS ponders staff changes, 2018 election results and more

    Downtown radiated excitement and energy as hundreds of people flocked to Tennessee Street for the first Spring Festival on Saturday.
    From organizing the music lineup and vendors to promotion and finding sponsors, the entire event was organized by eight members of the Murphy Business Association, which only formed last year.
    “We felt like it was a huge success,” lead event coordinator Karah Thompson said. “We had an amazing turnout, which we didn’t know would happen until the day of. It was just beautiful to see that town come together and work really hard.”
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    Other headlines in the Cherokee Scout this week:
    * WEB EXCLUSIVE: Results from Tuesday’s primary election
    * DSS assessment looks bad for director, staff
    * District 1, sheriff’s races got expensive
    * Veterans thrift store arranges donation for Jensen family
    * Murphy baseball finishes 22-0
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