Jackie Slaughter, 54, of Robbinsville is accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

The May 10 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Slaughter accused of attemped murder and other headlines

    Andrews – Law enforcement officials say Jackie Slaughter can’t seem to be able to stop hurting people.
    The 54-year-old Robbinsville resident – who had first-degree murder charges dropped last year after a judge ruled his civil rights were violated – was arrested Sunday night after allegedly slicing the throat of Cody White, 30, of Andrews. White was taken to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn., and was in critical condition as of Tuesday afternoon.
    Andrews police said they stopped Slaughter and gave him a ticket for having a suspended license Sunday. After getting the citation, Slaughter walked to the home of an acquaintance, where the victim and three other people were at the time.
    Slaughter began acting strangely, Cherokee County Sheriff Derrick Palmer said, and the other people in the home tried to calm him down. Suddenly, Slaughter attacked the victim and slashed his throat, witnesses told deputies.
    Slaughter was arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill. He was in custody as of Monday afternoon with a $50,000 secure bond.
    Slaughter was charged in 2012 with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Robert Smith. Superior Court Judge Bradley Letts dismissed those charges after his attorney presented a motion that claimed Slaughter was unable to assist in his defense because his memory was erased when Graham County sheriff’s deputies – who no longer work in the office – repeatedly stunned him with Taser guns.
    The N.C. Attorney General’s Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation looked into the alleged violation of civil rights and decided to not file charges against any of the officers.
    District Attorney Ashley Welch told the Asheville Citizen-Times in October 2016, “At the end of the day – what happened to Jackie Slaughter is unacceptable – but he’s also gotten away with murder.”
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