Veterinarian brings her business back home

  • Amanda Gambill is welcoming families to make appointments for their pets at her new business in Marble. Photo by Samantha Sinclair
    Amanda Gambill is welcoming families to make appointments for their pets at her new business in Marble. Photo by Samantha Sinclair

    Marble – One of Andrews’ best and brightest has moved her business to Cherokee County. Dr. Amanda Buchanan Gambill opened Marble Veterinary Hospital this week.
    “We had the opportunity to come here, and this is where my heart is,” she said.
    Gambill graduated first in her class at Andrews High School in 2002, when there was no designation for valedictorian. She was a member of the biology club, involved in Odyssey of the Mind and played on the basketball, softball and track teams.
    Throughout her childhood, it was clear her future was in working with animals.
    “I just always liked animals,” Gambill said. “I was always the kid bringing home stray animals.”
    At one point, she learned if she brought an animal home as a “gift” for her parents, they couldn’t turn it away. Her parents’ friends were also always giving her pets to take care of for them.
    Gambill thinks Andrews was important in preparing her for the future. She said the community was always advocating for her.
    “That sense of support has been very helpful,” she said.
    Through support from the Educational Talent Search program, she earned a valedictorian scholarship to attend Western Carolina University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in biology in 2006. She completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 at N.C. State University.
    After graduating, she moved back to Andrews, where she worked with a local veterinarian for four years. For about a year, she provided relief services at hospitals. In 2016, she joined Bryson City Veterinary Hospital, eventually purchasing the business.
    Gambill closed the Bryson City office about three weeks ago to set up her new office closer to home. Gambill said Andrews is a great community for work/life balance, and she wanted to be close to her family and church support system as her second daughter is due in July.
    Two of her main staff are staying with her at her new practice. When the need arises, she plans to hire locally. She has a trained volunteer veterinary assistant also joining her.
    Gambill maintains a good working relationship with other veterinarians in the area and believes there’s plenty of need for another veterinarian. She thinks Marble is a great location because she’s not in “someone else’s backyard.”
    Marble Veterinary Hospital is at 6548 U.S. 19 in the Marble Professional Offices park.

Arts council hosts
Valentine’s fundraiser

    Murphy – The Cherokee County Arts Council is hosting a Chocolate & Wine Tasting for its annual fundraising party 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Valentine’s Day at the Murphy Art Center downtown.
    Tickets are $10, which include three tasting combinations and two glasses of wine.
    This is the second year the arts council has done a chocolate and wine pairing fundraiser. Executive Director David Vowell said Aphrodite may make an appearance at the event.
    “I hope we have a good turnout because it’s for a good cause,” Vowell said.
    Funds raised will go toward both community and school programs of the arts council.
    Tickets are available at the MAC, Parson’s Pub and The Curiosity Shop. For details, call the council at 835-0550.
    Samantha Sinclair is the Scouting Around columnist for the Cherokee Scout. You can reach her by phone, 837-5122, Ext. 24; or email,