2020 General Election results

  • Jan Griggs and Randy Phillips were elected to the Board of County Commissioners.
    Jan Griggs and Randy Phillips were elected to the Board of County Commissioners.

As Randy Phillips read early voting numbers aloud to a crowd in attendance at Julie’s Place, Jan Griggs let out a victorious yell.

With 100 percent of local precincts reporting, Griggs has become only the third woman to be elected to the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners.

Griggs defeated Victoria Bauman for the District 5 seat, garnering 78.78 percent of the ballots cast.

Meanwhile, Phillips, who ran unopposed for the District 2 seat, will be sworn in as the newest commissioner alongside Griggs next month.

While statewide results continue to be counted as of 9 p.m. Tuesday, Republican candidates garnered more votes than Democratic candidates in Cherokee County.

Read more in the Nov. 11 edition of the Cherokee Scout.


Unofficial results as of 7 a.m. Wednesday:

County offices (16 of 16 precincts)

Board of County Commissioners
District II
Randy Phillips (R) 14,213 100%
District V
Vicki Bauman (D) 3,405 21.22%
Jan Griggs (R) 12,641 78.78%
Board of Education
District I (two seats)
Jeff Tatham (R) 11,709 49.52%
James (Jay Bird) Ellis (R) 11,937 50.48%
District II
Arnold Mathews (R) 14,031 100%


State offices (2,662 of 2,662 precincts)

Al Pisano(C) 20,371 0.37%
Roy Cooper (D) 2,803,782 51.48%
Steven J. DiFiore (L) 58,818 1.08%
Dan Forest (R) 2,563,258 47.06%
Lt. Governor
Mark Robinson (R) 2,773,751 51.66%
Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) 2,595,868 48.34%
State Senate
Kevin Corbin (R) 73,467 66.65%
Victoria Fox (D) 36,759 33.35%
House of Representatives Dist. 120
Karl Gillespie (R) 34,745 74.17%
Susan Landis (D) 12,098 25.83%


Federal offices (state results)

President and Vice President
Donald J. Trump (R)
Michael R. Pence
2,732,084 49.98%
Electoral votes 213
Joseph R. Biden (D)
Kamala D. Harris
2,655,383 48.57%
Electoral votes 238
Don Blankenship (C)
William Mohr
7,381 0.14%
Electoral votes 0
Howie Hawkins (G)
Angela Walker
11,825 0.22%
Electoral votes 0
Jo Jorgensen (L)
Jeremy (Spike) Cohen
47,215 0.86%
Electoral votes 0
U.S. Senate
Thom Tillis (R) 2,640,379 48.73%
Shannon W. Bray (L) 167,968 3.10%
Cal Cunningham (D) 2,543,672 46.94%
Kevin E. Hayes (C) 66,668 1.23%
U.S. House of Representatives Dist. 11
Tamara Zwinak (G) 5,402 1.21%
Madison Cawthorn (R) 242,965 54.45%
Moe Davis (D)
Tracey DeBruhl (L) 8,527 1.91%