This new weekly feature in the Cherokee Scout will take a look at beers brewed in Cherokee County over the summer.
    * Name: Wentzik³ by Hoppy Trout Brewing Company in Andrews.
    * Brewer: Tom Rodeck
    * Style: Belgian Tripel
    * Alcohol by volume: 7.4 percent
    * Food pairing: Supreme pizza
    * Description: Treat your taste buds to a traditional Belgian Tripel, blended with wildflower honey and Belgian candi sugar. With a sweet front taste, spicy middle and dry finish, Hoppy Trout Brewing Co.’s Wentzik³ appeals to all walks of beer lovers.
    It’s golden yellow color and easy-drinking flavor leaves people in disbelief when hearing of the beer’s high-gravity nature. Despite its lofty alcohol content, Hoppy Trout brewmaster Tom Rodeck said people find the Wentzik³ refreshing – specially on hot summer days.
    The beer’s name pays homage to Rodeck’s friend and original recipe creator, James Wentzik. Rodeck said the two brewed their first batches of homemade beer together, including the Belgian Tripel.
    Hoppy Trout staff members recommend pairing the brew with any type of pizza, particularly the brewery’s supreme style made in a brick oven.
    When making the Wentzik³, Rodeck used pilsner malt, Belgian candi sugar, a Belgian strain of year and wildflower honey from Hyde’s Honey.
    “A lot of times the higher gravity takes longer, or becomes stuck in fermentation, but this one went perfect – which is nice,” Rodeck said.