Needmore Ale


    This new weekly feature in the Cherokee Scout will take a look at beers brewed in Cherokee County over the summer.
    * Name: Needmore Ale by Lazy Hiker Brewing Co. and Mainspring
    * Brewer: Graham Norris
    * Style: Rye farmhouse saison
    * Alcohol by volume: 5.4 percent
    * Food pairing: Fatty foods, seafood and pasta
    * Available local restaurants: The Daily Grind & Wine, Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurant and Parson’s Pub, all in Murphy.
    * Description: As the summer creeps to an end, Needmore Ale presents a light, thirst-quenching brew displaying a sweet malty front, earthy middle notes and a sour finishing bite. In honor of Mainspring’s environmental conservation efforts in North Carolina, Lazy Hiker Brewing Co. paired up with the nonprofit to brew the rye farmhouse saison.
    Graham Norris, the head brewer, combined barley, rye, wheat-rye hybrid (triticale), Jarrylo hops and Belgian yeast to make the beer. To stick with Mainspring’s nature-friendly theme, the brewery used locally grown grains malted by Riverbend Malt House in Asheville and Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham.
    Norris said the brew’s name derived from Needmore Tract, a 5,000-acre plot of land and river frontage all conserved by Mainspring. The area is known for its biodiversity and public game lands, modeling one of the nonprofit’s most successful preservation projects.
    “We’re (Lazy Hiker Brewing) very pleased to collaborate Mainspring,” Norris said. “Five percent of proceeds will be donated to Mainspring, and we’re happy to partner with them financially.”