Tori Buffa and Evan Buffa take time out to test the flooded waters in Konehete Park. Photo by BEN KATZ.

The June 6 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Flooding soaks region, Schools get funding boost, graduates say good bye and more

    Topton – Thank goodness Tim Comstock was prepared for survival.
    Comstock was stranded for 12 hours on May 30, when the Nantahala River crested across the road right after he dropped his daughter off at Nantahala School.
    Fortunately, he was stocked with backpacking supplies and food. He chronicled his harrowing day with videos on Facebook that he posted the next day after being brought home safely by Nantahala Fire & Rescue.
    His videos include stark visuals of the water engulfing the road and a healthy maple tree being swallowed by the raging river. At one point, as the waters continued to rise, he left this note on his car for anyone who might find it:
    “All is well, took to high ground @ rec park. I have food, water and shelter. Call (number). Tell Elizabeth all is well and I love her.”
    For more on this story, including details about record water releases at local dams, click here.

    Other headlines in the Cherokee Scout this week:
    * Later date worth the wait for Murphy grads
    * Eagles honor their missing classmate
    * Guard defends actions in jail assault case
    * School system gets $1.5 million in state funding back after 6 years
    * Murphy baseball team brings home state championship

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