Taz, the emotional support service dog, enjoys everyone he meets on his rounds at the Murphy Medical Center Nursing Home. Photo by BEN KATZ

The July 12 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Therapy dog helps nursing home patients, Mayoral ring gets some candidates and more

   Peachtree – There is no price you can put on a smile.
   Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Ed Green brings his gray schnauzer to the Murphy Medical Center Nursing Home. Residents who have been bedridden particularly are thrilled to rise and greet Green and his dog, Taz.
   Green served in the military for 20 plus years, fighting in both the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.
   “My wife’s uncle was in the military, and he encouraged me to sign up,” Green said as he pushed the stroller with Taz inside Thursday. “The first day we just played basketball, and I didn’t think it was all that bad. Then I was sent to fight in Desert Storm.”
   Upon coming home, Green was granted a support dog. He and his wife received a rat terrier at first. However, the pup was, “Too wild for us. He never wanted to be held.”
   After giving the dog back and trying out a new one, the Greens received an 8-week-old schnauzer.
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   * Two hats thrown into mayoral ring;
   * Tent revival fires up assembled crowd;
   * Arts Council gets money from Town of Murphy;
   * Hiwassee Dam legend Haylie Shope gaining experience in college ball.

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