Virus won’t stop news


    When the hometown newspaper that eventually became the Cherokee Scout was founded, it had only been 24 years since the end of the Civil War.
    Since then, the Scout has been there on every publication day. We survived during the Spanish flu, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the Great Recession without missing a week. We’re proud to be the longest-running business in Cherokee County.
    In November, few people had heard of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. Today, it’s the primary topic of conversation in households around the world. That’s how fast things are moving.
    There are at least five people in Cherokee County recovering at home from the virus so far. It’s certainly possible that more local residents will become infected. That means it’s imperative that everyone do everything we can to stop the spread of the disease.
    Whether you believe the restrictions we are living under are necessary or nefarious, they are mandated by our local, state and federal governments. We should accept this new normal in the hopes that compliance by everyone will shorten the lifespan of COVID-19, save lives and hasten the return of life as we knew it.
    At the Scout, while our office hours are going to be limited and some associates are working from home, we will continue bringing you the local news you need to know. We will cover the coronavirus and its impact until it’s only a memory in Cherokee County.
    And since some news can’t wait until next week’s edition, all online coronavirus updates are being put in front of the paywall at, plus placed on social media, so everyone can access the important information at no charge.
    Every issue of your local newspaper is like adding another chapter to Cherokee County’s history. This pandemic will be history one day, too.
    We’re all in this together. Thank you for reading the Cherokee Scout.
– Publisher & Editor David Brown