James Coleman of Murphy picks up the trash around town with a smile.


    Editor’s note: Formerly called Humans of Cherokee County, this is one of an occasional series of articles that draws attention to ordinary Cherokee County residents and their extraordinary lives.
     Murphy – A special thank you to Diane Pelczynski, who nominated Town of Murphy sanitation workers James Coleman and Henry Owl to be profiled.
    In her nomination, Pelczynski wrote, “They are remarkable men hey have a smile on their face and greet you with, ‘What a beautiful day!’ every time you see them.” This week we will feature Coleman, then next week Owl.
    Coleman and Owl are the best of partners and enjoy their line of work. They are men of few words, but who bring big smiles to the faces of everyone they meet.
    “I started working sanitation for the Town of Murphy in 1996. It’s a good job. We generally have five different runs that we do each week. The truck we have holds about two tons of trash.
    “That’s what we do Monday through Friday. Like I said, it’s a good job and I’ve enjoyed it over the years,” Coleman said.
    “I was born and raised in this town. I just enjoyed this town and everything about Murphy. I went to high school over at Murphy High School. I’ve had other jobs, but this one is about the best.
    “One time we went over to pick up this bear hide that somebody left in a garbage can for a week … that was interesting. I want to be known for probably just picking up trash, simple as that.
    “My mom and dad have shaped me into who I am today. They’ve taught me right from wrong, and told me if I do something to always do my best at it. I hope I’ve done a good job for the people in my community. I hope they see that, and it impacts them.
    “People have come to know me over the years, so I’ve made a few friends here and there. Every once in a while, someone will give us cakes and cookies for helping them out.
    “If there’s someone of age interested in picking up garbage, they should know it’s a good job. When people talk about us, I hope they say that we’ve done a good job for them, and we have done a good service,” Coleman added.
    Be sure to catch Your Friends & Neighbors next week, when Owl shares his story.
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