Murphy’s Travis Seabolt (left) and Luke Garrett combined for two no-hitters against county foes. Photos by RHONDA PETERSON (left) and KEVIN HENSLEY.

Bulldogs match feat of Reds legend Johnny Vander Meer

    Murphy – Step aside Johnny Vander Meer, there are two new candidates for your job.
    Murphy juniors Luke Garrett and Travis Seabolt have teamed up for two no-hitters this season, both against inter-county rivals.
    The first came on March 9, when Garrett started and Seabolt relieved him in a 6-0 victory over Andrews. Twelve days later, the two switched roles and kept Hiwassee Dam at bay in a 10-0 victory.
    “We just paired them up in the first game, but they’re a good duo to keep together,” coach Adam Clonts said. “Luke’s good at placing his off-speed pitches and Travis throws a little bit harder. With them pitching as well as they have been, we can’t ask for anything more.”
    Both Garrett and Seabolt have been baseball players since their youth days and in a continued mirroring scenario, both also chose early to develop their talents as pitchers.
    “I’ve always loved baseball,” Garrett said. “I’ve jumped around everywhere, until I decided to pitch. I’ve been really good at it since.”
    “I was always learning how to pitch and getting my arm strength up, to where I could throw faster and more consistent,” Seabolt added.
    The duo are going through starting roles on the varsity Bulldogs for the first time this year, but they were undaunted when called upon to face Andrews. It was Garrett’s second start of the season and Seabolt’s first appearance on the mound in 2017.

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