Cucumber Wheat at Andrews Brewing Company

Beer of the Week: Cucumber Wheat

This new weekly feature in the Cherokee Scout will take a look at beers brewed in Cherokee County over the summer.        
    * Name: Cucumber Wheat
    * Brewer: Eric Carlson at Andrews Brewing Co.
    * Style: Traditional wheat beer
    * Alcohol by volume: 5 percent
    * Food pairing: Best by itself
    * Description: Prepare to engulf your senses with a pleasantly overwhelming splash of fresh cucumbers and hints of traditionally brewed wheat beer. Borderline lawnmower beer, Cucumber Wheat provides an ultimate drink to cool down this summer.
    As the second drink in the brewery’s “Raised Bed Summer Series,” all two gallons of the beer’s cucumber juice came straight out of the brewing company’s garden.
Brewmaster Eric Carlson said he uses white wheat, malt and Hallertau hops, which is one of the noble hops variety in Germany. This simple concoction makes for a satisfyingly light beer.
    Carlson recommends not pairing the beer with anything. He said people should enjoy the beer before their meal because of its easy-drinking finesse.
    “It’s a lovely summer sipper,” he said. “If you like cucumber or if you don’t like cucumber, I think you’ll like the beer.”