• Isaac the goat was wounded by a recent dog attack, having to get his ear super-glued back on.

The August 2 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... Residents upset with animal attacks, Alleged conspiracy bilks woman out of money and more

   Murphy – With the absence of animal control in Cherokee County, police officers and sheriff’s deputies are forced to work out of their element and local shelters beyond their call of duty to tackle these issues.
   Sheriff Derrick Palmer said law enforcement only can open a criminal investigation for animal abuse or neglect and animals attacking people or pets. Cases that don’t fall within these categories disappear or are handled by animal shelters and rescue agencies.
   Local resident Betty Leonard has experienced firsthand the negative effects of the absence of animal control.
   In the last year, Leonard said she lost four goats and multiple turkeys because of a pit bull roaming around her neighborhood. Usually accompanied by a smaller white dog, the pit pull dug under her fence and attacked her goats.
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