• Don Whittington portrayed Jesus of Nazareth at Fields of the Wood on Saturday. Photo by BEN KATZ

The April 4 edition of the Cherokee Scout is out ... State working on DSS issues, Schools eye financial plans, County hires an attorney and more

   Bethlehem Baptist Church in Madisonville, Tenn., performed a passion play during Fields of the Wood’s Easter Celebration on Saturday in Hiwassee Dam. Don Whittington portrayed Jesus of Nazareth.
   It was part of many Easter celebrations through Cherokee County over the last two weeks, many of which you can enjoy in the print edition of this week’s Cherokee Scout.

   Other headlines this week in the Scout:
   * State has its hands full at DSS
   * Erlanger takes over Murphy Medical officially
   * Schools may ask county for $5 million match
   * County hires new attorney
   * Murphy fires two no-hitters

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